Tuesday 23rd June, 2020

Welcome Back from 4th July 2020

Safety Procedures for Distancing & Cleaning 

All contact points on the race equipment will be cleaned by the venue operators before and after each driver. Personal distancing will be expected at all times between individuals from different households and staff, and face coverings are to be worn whilst in the building, in line with national guidelines. Driver briefings and podium presentations will be conducted with these same guidelines in mind. Results previously viewable on the front desk will now be displayed in the more spacious zone of the central projector. For the safety of all the venue reserves the right to ask any non-compliant visitors to leave.

Groups / Stags / Kids Parties

We can now run these again. Groups of up to ten drivers is no problem with one machine per driver and all machines cleaned before and after each event. If you have more than ten drivers, then do still give us a call as we may be able to accommodate that too. Whether we can do it for you, or not, will depend on exactly who is in your group, the routine you are happy to commit to, and the latest government guidelines. Kids Parties remain capped at ten drivers and we will strongly encourage that the participants remain in their simulators between race sessions to minimise the need for “crowd control”. We anticipate this creating a generally more relaxed experience for everyone involved.

Open Race Meetings

Some new dates are now scheduled (LINK). Due to the Social Distancing rules, we have cut the driver cap down to 10 drivers per event (rather than the usual 20!). If you would rather an event with 20 drivers then you can wait until we are able to run those again. But in the short term, you can book onto the events limited to 10 drivers. This format means you will be in every race, and so it gives you a lot more driving time! If you want maximum track time then now is a great time to get booked in! See Dates.

Expiring Vouchers

If you have vouchers that are expiring soon then please do drop us an email so that we can ensure you don’t miss out on your experiences, particularly if they are via resellers such as Virgin Experiences or Red Letter Days etc. As long as you contact us before they expire then there are multiple options to get them extended.

Booking & Opening Hours 

We are open from 4th July 2020 but strongly encourage calling first. Whilst capacity restrictions apply we will have to limit numbers and apply some varied opening hours. So please do give us a call to book before coming. We look forward to hearing from you and getting you back on track.

Pre-Payments & Contactless Transactions

We are now operating a cashless venue. That means event pre-payment at the time of booking, and in-venue purchases for confectionery and other extras will be via contactless card payments only. No cash.

kind regards, Adrian Thomson