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Track of the Month - Magny-Cours

Published On: Thursday 1st February, 2018

This February, The Race Centre's Track of the Month is the magnificent circuit of Magny-Cours in France. Located in the Bourgogne region of central France, Magny-Cours initially existed as a karting circuit in the 1960's for local drivers and fans. Radical developments to the circuit in the late 1980's put Magny-Cours upon the international spotlight and the track played host to the French Grand Prix from 1991 until 2008. A 2.6 mile circuit, Magny-Cours is a technical challenge. Its mix of fast-flowing sequences and slow, tight hairpins require precision, bravery and confidence under braking. Come and see for yourself this month at The Race Centre.

Take a look below for an on-board lap of Magny-Cours with Michael Schumacher, an eight time winner at this track

Formula 1 in the 1990's

The 1990's was perhaps one of the most iconic eras in Formula 1 history. Powered by the beastly 3.5-litre naturally aspirated engines, the 1990's provided drama and passion, as well as tragedy. It was an era that began with technological advancements, with active suspension and traction control enabling cars to reach higher speeds. The FIA decided to ban the use of driver aids completely in 1994, after complaints that driver ability was not playing a part in the results.

Some of Formula 1's best ever drivers made their names in the 1990's, and they helped to create some of the most dramatic moments in the sports history. This is perhaps best epitomised by the intense rivalry between Ayrton Senna & Alain Prost; two of the all-time greats. Other notable names involved in Formula 1 during the 90's include Michael Schumacher, Nigel Mansell, Mika Hakkinen & Jaques Villeneuve. 

We hope you enjoy this fantastic circuit and the cars we have chosen!

Class A Competition : 1994 Benetton B194 - Cash Prize of £50 for the fastest lap at each venue

Class B Competition : 1991 Williams FW14 - Free entry to First Monday for the fastest lap at each venue

Class C Competition : Japanese Formula 3 - Free entry to First Monday for the fastest three laps at each venue

Class D Competition : Formula Ford - Free entry to First Monday for the fastest five laps at each venue

 See best laps for this competition in the Drivers' Paddock.


What can you drive?

 - You are welcome to drive any of the month's vehicles at any time in an Open Practice Session

 - Lap times and telemetry are recorded for your immediate viewing and future reference


Classes and Promotions

 - Drivers with no previous wins default to start as class D drivers

 - Coming in the top five in a class D competition will promote you to be a class C driver

 - Coming in the top three in a class C competition will promote you to be a class B driver

 - Winning a class B competition twice will promote you to be a class A driver


  Which Competition Classes can you win?

 - If you are a class A driver then you are only eligible to win in the class A competition vehicle

 - If you are a class B driver then you are eligible to win in the Class A or B competition vehicles

 - If you are a class C driver then you are eligible to win in any of the competition vehicles (A, B or C)

 - If you are a class D driver then you are eligible to win in any of the competition vehicles (A, B, C or D)

 - Multiple Class wins within a month will result in prizes for the highest win only. Lower "wins" will be passed to the next highest competitors


Terms and Conditions

  - For a lap to be legal, your vehicle must have two or more wheels inside or touching the white lines at all times

  - Vehicles must be running all standard TRC settings for the month

  - Potential prize winning laps must be verified by a TRC staff member

  - Free entry to First Monday is for the next event and is non transferable

  - TRC Staff are not eligible to win cash prizes. Any cash wins will defer to the next highest position

  - Cash prizes available at the following First Monday event or within a max of 30 days of competition end