Tuesday 1st January, 2019

Track of The Month – January 2019

Kyalami, South Africa

January’s Track of the Month is the South African circuit of Kyalami.

A  2.6 mile circuit, Kyalami played host to the South African Grand Prix from 1961 until 1993.

Traditionally a circuit used to open the season, Kyalami’s mix of fast-sweeping bends and tight sequences made it a challenge for drivers, especially whilst lacking the downforce that we are accustomed to in today’s cars.

Come down to The Race Centre this month to see if you’re up to the challenge of Kyalami.

Watch below as we go back in time and take a look at the 1968 Grand Prix at Kyalami

We hope you enjoy this fantastic circuit and the cars we have chosen!

What can you drive this month?

You are welcome to drive any of the month’s vehicles at any time in an Open Practice Session. All lap times and telemetry are recorded for your immediate viewing and future reference.

Competition Vehicle Prize
Class A – Expert  ’67 Lotus 49 1st Place – £50 Cash
Class B – Professional  ’71 Lotus 72C 1st Place – Free First Monday
Class C – Intermediate Lotus 23B 1st – 3rd Place – Free First Monday
Class D – Rookie Lola T598 1st – 5th Place – Free First Monday

See best laps for this competition in the Drivers’ Paddock.

Who can win ?

New drivers to The Race Centre will be automatically classified as a Class D driver. Winning in a class will gain you promotion to the next class. You have to win Class B twice to progress to Class A.

Competition Eligible Classes Promotion
A – Expert A, B, C, D
B – Professional B, C, D A
C – Intermediate C, D B
D – Rookie D only C

Competition Terms and Conditions

All potential prize winning laps must be verified by a TRC staff member.

For a lap to be legal, your vehicle must have two or more wheels inside or touching the white lines at all times.

Vehicles must be running all standard TRC settings for the month.

Free entry to First Monday is for the next event and is non transferable.

Multiple Class wins within a month will result in prizes for the highest win only. Lower “wins” will be passed to the next highest competitors.

TRC Staff are not eligible to win prizes. Any winning positions held by staff will defer to the next highest driver.

Cash prizes available at the following First Monday event or within a max of 30 days of competition end.