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this is the full race experience for your stag party!


Grand Prix Heats for Stag Parties of 5 to 40 Stags

Rev up your Stag Party at The Race Centre with your own private tournament. Race your fellow stags for a place on the podium using professional race car simulators. Your stag party includes practice and qualifying before the "real" racing begins, just as Formula One drivers experience.

Enjoy F1 technology for less than you pay for karting races.

  • A great option for groups of 5 to 40 drivers and fully accessible to a broad range of participants
  • Full event management from start to finish, including race data
  • Trophies for the top three drivers

Your stag party also has the bonus of the fully licensed bar and a range of catering options.


We pride ourselves on making sure every event is enjoyable and professionally run. We really do care about customer satisfaction and welcome all feedback.

  • Enjoy F1 Technology at less than Karting Prices
  • A great option for groups of 5 to 40 drivers
  • Catering options available
  • Fully accessible to a broad audience
  • Full event management from start to finish
  • Maximised race time for all your participants
  • Trophies for the top three drivers
  • Event data printed and emailed upon your request

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